Guide on speeding up your synchronization time by using a bootstrap.

Step 1: Download Bootstrap

In order to get started download the Pinkcoin bootstrap below:

Bootstrap last updated: June 3, 2020

Step 2: File Location

  1. Open your Finder

  2. In the top bar select Go:

  3. In the dropdown window select Go to Folder (⇧⌘G):

  4. A pop-up will show up in your finder view

  5. Enter the following path: ~/Library/Application Support

You should now be in the Application Support folder.

In Application Support locate the pink2 folder and open it.

Can't find the pink2 folder? Make sure the path you entered is correct.

Step 3:

Open the you downloaded in the beginning, you should see the following:

Select all the files in the Bootstrap folder and paste them in the pink2 folder, overwrite all if asked.

Step 4: Launch wallet

You can now open up your wallet and should be close to being done, when your wallet is completely synced you will see a green checkmark in the bottom right corner.

Now that your wallet is fully synced make a backup off your wallet.dat