MacOS Quick Start

Quick Start on getting your wallet ready to interact with the Pinkcoin blockchain.


Before we get started we need a few things; the prerequisites for this quick start are:

Step 1: Running the Wallet

Click the .dmg file to start your Pinkcoin wallet.
If this is your first time running a Pinkcoin wallet on your device, it might refuse to run. In order to allow the wallet to run you have to go to: > System Preferences > Security & Privacy

Step 2: Syncing the Blockchain

Whenever you deposit some Pinkcoin to your wallet it needs to be synchronized. If your wallet is out of sync the coins will be there but you won't be able to see them or interact with them until your wallet is fully synced.
You can send coins to an unsynchronized wallet, but the coins won't show up until you pass the block your transaction was in.
Synchronizing can take a long time depending on your connection speed and the amount of connections your wallet has. However you can speed it up through a bootstrap, if you are interested in bootstrapping follow the guide below: